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Kelowna, BC

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Welcome to the Creative Cycle experience. We create and implement a variety of communication campaigns that grow organizations. Using our proven strategy we are able to help companies grow locally and internationally by finding the right partner/client. Our creative journey started in 2008 and is now available to you. We utilize our extensive network to connect you with the right people in the right industry. Be a part of something exclusive, something unique - we'd love to represent you.


Our Services

We specialize in representation, creative marketing, and communications campaigns using proven strategies to help companies grow locally and internationally. We are focused on the Alberta, Canada & Middle East region. 

Our Services

What is Creative Cycle's mission? 

To represent you and help grow your local & international customer base using our services. We seek to provide the ultimate customer service experience, utilizing our extensive expertise and global network to create business opportunities for you all over the world. 

About Us

Industries Served

We have experience serving several industries that include: Decorative Concrete, Videography & Video Production, Non-Governmental Organizations, Charities, Small Business, Food & Beverage, Start-ups, VR Gaming & Technology, Telecom, Natural Cosmetics, Sustainable Technologies/Development, Education, Government. 


Our Practice

We are creative thinkers who have a demonstrated history of creating new opportunities for organizations, helping them grow locally and internationally.


Unique Support

We utilize our 10-year extensive hands-on professional experience and educational background to provide special attention to customer service, building an unforgettable relationship, satisfaction guaranteed.